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Symbiosis National Aptitude Test, popularly known as SNAP, is the MBA Entrance Exam for Admission to 15 Symbiosis Institutes in India. Every year around  1 lakh students from all disciplines including Engineering, Commerce, Humanities and even Law take SNAP Test to get into of the 2,500 MBA seats in Symbiosis colleges. Over the years, SNAP has changed its question paper pattern from paper based to computer based but to get a high percentile (90+) requires 3-4 months of serious preparation.

SNAP 2020 has thrown a surprise by changing the paper pattern. Now SNAP Exam can be taken twice in one season. SNAP 2020 will be 1 hour exam with 60 questions distributed across 3 sections: Quants, VARC and LR. Due to less time duration of exam, its now more a speed based exam. So Students are advised to take at least 10-12 Full length Mocks before 1st attempt. 

To help you out with SNAP Preparation, Mock Zone has launched the SNAP 2020 Test Series in new pattern  and SNAP 2020 Complete  Course. We have also provided one Free SNAP 2020 Mock for better clarity.

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Note: We have updated our as per 20th Dec Pattern as there was bit change in pattern (No RC and DI) .  Since SNAP is full of surprises. So out of 15 Mocks, we will have 9 Mocks with no RC and DI and 6 Mocks with RC and DI. 

Mini Pack

Mock No with No RC & DI : 1,2,4,6,8,10, 13, 14, 15

Mock No with RC and DI   :   7 and 9

Ultra Mini Pack: All the Mocks are without RC and DI

                                Free SNAP Mock is now live (As per 20th December Paper Pattern)


  Student Reviews

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